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Busy At Home

I am very proud that the 3 kids absolutely love to play together and never seem to get bored at home. They are constantly thinking up fun things to do in the house.
IMG_8301 IMG_8417 IMG_8420
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September 20 2012, 21:06:27 UTC 5 years ago

You should be proud, you have wonderful kids and you are great parents.
Love, Lollipoppy


September 22 2012, 21:24:00 UTC 5 years ago

I like how Lito is always sitting in something ... what a good little bro!
Auntie Doddles


October 26 2012, 02:39:46 UTC 5 years ago

They are beautiful-I am so sorry for your lose, this breaks my heart. My condolences.


October 26 2012, 05:13:14 UTC 5 years ago

Only love for you and your family. I'm so sorry!
Such beautiful children. My heart breaks for you, your husband and your family. You have my sympathy and prayers.


October 26 2012, 09:26:20 UTC 5 years ago

Sincere condolences. There are no words. - SMR, Minneapolis


October 26 2012, 10:57:25 UTC 5 years ago

What a beautiful family and a treat for me to be able to see your lovely children through their mother's eyes. My heartfelt sympathies for the senseless loss of your two children. Stay strong and be well.