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Dear Little Miss!

Dear Little Miss,
I was just wondering why you are sooooo late?
I've been waiting for you since Wednesday, and now it's Sunday and I feel really large and sleep really badly and if you don't come by Wednesday, I'll have to be induced which really freaks me out.  Your daddy and I have done almost everything on our to-do list and now, we're just waiting and waiting and waiting.  And your grandparents are getting especially anxious....if you come soon, I'm sure they'll buy you some really really nice stuff (although, you already have A LOT of stuff...I even bought you a toy the other day from Babies R Us, I hope you like it).  Your daddy has even assembled your red wagon!  And Babar, he visits your room everyday to look for you. Please come soon, darling!
Luv Mummy!


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