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Dear Santa

Hi Santa,

My name is Lucia Ursula Krim and I'm new to your list of good boys and girls. You can just call me Lulu. I'm 6-months old and I can sit up and eat big girl food and not to brag but I've been sleeping through the night since I was 2 months old. I also smile at any camera in sight.

Well, to start my list, I'd like a
Shopping Cart Cover. My mommy lets me suck on almost everything but says the bar of the shopping cart is off-limits to my lips. I'd also like a new big girl car seat (in houndstooth). I went to see Dr. Anne today and she told me I weigh 14 pounds, 15 ounces which means that I'm getting closer and closer to saying goodbye to my baby car seat. I'm getting to be such a big girl that my mommy and daddy's (mostly daddy) backs ache when they tote me around in the Baby Bjorn. So, I think an Ergo back carrier (the black one with solid green lining) would be great for them. Now that I eat, I think some nice plates and bowls and stuff by Baby Cie (my favorites are La Mer and La Ferme) would be great, since I am learning French from my daddy!  Other things I really really like are straps, plastic cups, straws, wrappers and anything that mommy has in her hand - Maybe you could put some of those great things in my stocking!

I'd also like to put in a good word about Babar…he's a real goodsy. He's been kinda naughty lately with the Thanksgiving food and all but overall, he's been a super greatsy, especially when we all want to sleep in on Saturday mornings and don't walk him until noon! Babar likes all kinds of things like stuffed animals, roasted chickens and bran muffins.

I look forward to making you some freshly baked cookies when I get bigger!



Here's a photo of me and my new bug-eyed kitty that I got after I was a good girl with Dr. Anne (I got 3 shots!).


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