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Houdini Strikes Again!

Ever since Lucia was 1-day old, we started calling her "Houdini" (one of the most famous magicians, escapologists, and stunt performers of all time) She was lifting her head up, trying to walk up her Grammy Lamb when she was being held in the hospital and she quickly learned to free her arms from her tightly-wrapped swaddle blanket just days after she exited her mommy! We thought it was a little crazy!

So, last night when we went back to Sarah McMoyler's Birth University Infant Care Class to be the "Star Family" (to tell the tale of our experience with our newborn to a room full of yuppie parents-to-be and Lucia got a demonstration bath/diaper change/dressing), Houdini indeed struck again! Firstly, when Sarah started giving our little darling a bath...she immediately pooped in it. Opps (my mommy warned me not to do this too, darn). But alas, pulled from the tub and dripping wet, Lucia never cried and was looking around with her happy eyes the entire time. So then, she was plunked into bath #2 (a little round tub) to complete the bathing process. Our Little Tomato loves a warm bath no matter what shape or size it is. 

"Um, opps, I think I just pooped! Get me out of here!"


Then, Sarah wanted to demonstrate her doing some "tummy time", something we've never done with her...The minute Houdini was placed on her belly, she started lifting her head up, looking around and making the crawling movements with her legs (at just 3 weeks old). Then, she rolled over. Sarah (an ex-nurse who has delivered thousands of babies) was stunned.

Is Houdini a star athlete in the making or what?


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