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"Is this Lulu?"

I received an email this morning from Monica Turney saying that her and Taryn saw a framed photo of Lulu in the Pottery Barn Kids store. I didn't really believe her because it's really hard to remember what Lulu looks like and basically, all babies kind of look alike. So, Lamby (Lulu's grandma) and Auntie Teddy headed over to the Manhattan Beach store to check it out. She called me from the store and she was confused and couldn't tell if it was Lulu or not. "LAMBY, YOU CAN'T TELL IF IT'S LULU??????", I said! Then, she took a photo with her phone and sent it to my phone with the subject line, "Is this Lulu?". "UMMMM, I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!", I said! It sure looked like her (the eyes, nose, mouth and the outfit she wore for Pottery Barn) but her hair was parted the wrong way. I was totally confused. After about 1/2 hour of analyzing it, we concluded that it is DEFINITELY Lulu (flipped by photoshop)! Go see her in her room at Pottery Barn Kids!

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